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Amazon Organic Shampoo

Amazon Organic Shampoo is for all hair types is rich yet mild, cleans well, and leaves hair full-bodied lustrous, and manageable. Formulated with special Amazon herbs and Ayurvedic extracts to clean the hair naturally, leaving it silky and shiny, Reduces hair loss and Prevents premature grey hair.
$10.00 incl tax

Ervamatin™ hair lotion

Recommended as a treatment for hair loss, hair regeneration, dandruff, alopecia, baldness, and fragile and dry hair.
$60.00 incl tax

Dreamron Henna Hair Dye

Dreamron Henna comes from the dried leaves of Indian Henna Shrubs and gives a long lasting natural black shade to your hair. It is manufactured to the highest Japanese standard of quality and gives maximum safety for your scalp.
$7.50 incl tax